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Modular Homes

Learn About Our Modular Homes

Our systems-built modular homes are prefabricated houses that consist of multiple modules, or sections, which are manufactured in a climate controlled remote facility and then delivered to the intended site. This helps to avoid untimely weather delays, quality control problems, and fluctuating or unpredictable material cost. More and more home builders as well as developers are turning to factory built construction to get a head start on their competition. Volume purchasing enables manufacturers to provide the consumer with amenity field homes at a reduced cost.

Mayland modular homes are built to state/local building codes of the region where the home is to be located. Plan reviews and in-factory inspections are done by certified plan approval and engineering firms before each home can receive its final seal of approval. In many cases, this exceeds the requirements of a conventionally built home to ensure that our homes are built to the highest possible standards.

How Our Modular Homes Are Different
Being able to customize any of the standard plans that we offer, or allowing you to bring in a design or idea of your own, sets us apart from most modular manufacturers. We are a true custom builder. It is important to know that our modular homes ARE NOT mobile homes. Differences include the building codes that govern the construction, types of material used, and how they are appraised for lending purposes. Off-frame modular homes differ largely in their absence of axels or a frame. They are typically transported to the site by means of flat bed frames with trucks and can be of multi-level design.

How It Works
1. After the building process is completed, our modular units are assembled into a single residential building. Typically, this is achieved by using a crane to lift sections onto the permanent foundation that has been prepared, and are securely placed using proper construction methods.

2. Once the components are set, it is then our responsibility to finish any remaining items that need to be completed before occupancy.

Modular homes are appraised and financed in the same manner as site-built homes. Consequently, a wide variety of mortgage financing is available to the consumer. We will be happy to assist you with finding a mortgage lender in your area to make sure you get the financing that is right for you.

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Currently, we are offering modular homes through Cardinal Homes. Visit their website below to view the current plans. Contact us with questions or to get pricing.

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